cRc Kosher Guide APK

By Yehudah Koblick

cRc Kosher Guide cRc Kosher Guide cRc Kosher Guide cRc Kosher Guide cRc Kosher Guide

The cRc Kosher Guide is your guide to the list of products recommended by the Chicago Rabbinical Council including Slurpees, Beverages, Starbucks products, Beer/Liquor, Spices and Over-the-Counter Medicines. During the Passover (Pesach) season, the guide provides valuable information for preparing and shopping for the holiday. For fruits and vegetables, the cRc Kosher Guide indicates whether or not the produce is recommended and how to check for insects and infestations. In addition, the cRc Kosher app contains the list of kosher symbols and certification agencies recommended by the cRc.

Additional features include search, sharing details with others via SMS or email and even "Ask the Rabbi" which you can use to ask for clarification from the cRc on particular items.

All data in the cRc app remains resident on your device without the need for network connectivity when you use it. Data is updated seamlessly in the background once per day ensuring you have the latest kosher information without any user experience interruption.

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