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God Surya Clock God Surya Clock God Surya Clock God Surya Clock God Surya Clock

Surya clock Live wallpaper :

Surya clock Live wallpaper dedicated to Lord Surya. God Surya is a must have live wallpaper who believes in the power of Gods. Get devotional through this live wallpaper. They are carefully picked free wallpapers for Android with Lord Surya images. Download for free Surya clock LWP. This wallpaper contains god sun meditating on lotus flower, pleasant early morning rays of sunshine, bloody red fantastic sunshine, shining of surya chariot, riding seven white horses chariot, passsing over the sea, ocean, blue sky, space, riding over globe, beaitiful sunset etc..

Features :
♧ 7 fabulous God Surya images
♧ 7 pretty colored backgrounds
♧ 4 beautiful clocks

-by selecting blank gives plain and simple livewallpaper
♧ drains very less battery.
♧ easy to use and install
♧ Installation instructions:

- Home - menu - wallpaper - live wallpaper - God Surya

Surya is a popular Hindu God. He is one of the most worshiped God in India, when compared to other Gods, surya is visible as sun. The celestial body, Surya (the sun) is visible in the sky. Still according to the Hindu beliefs, Surya is depicted as a red man with three eyes and four arms, riding in a one wheeled chariot pulled by seven horses.

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