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Notification to Android 4.4 user

Starting with version 5.9, Sony | Music Center for Android will only be available on Android 5.0 or later.
Please be aware that if your device is running Android 4.4, you will not be able to run Sony | Music Center for Android Ver. 5.9 or any subsequent versions.

You will still be able to continue running Sony | Music Center Ver. 5.8 on Android 4.4. However, we will not provide any earlier versions of Sony | Music Center, so if you uninstall Sony | Music Center Ver. 5.8 from a device running Android 4.4, be
aware that you will not be able to install the same version again.

Fiestable is an app which controls the party features of Sony’s Home Audio System with intuitive and fancy user interface.

Even if Fiestable is installed, the Fiestable icon is not displayed on the smartphone/tablet home screen.
Embedded in the SongPal app as a plug-in.

Main Feature
DJ Control:
Control DJ Effect (Isolator/Flanger/Wah/Pan), Sampler (Drums, Voice, etc.) and EQ of your audio system.


Change the color and flashing speed of your audio system.

Change the color of your audio system.

Voice Playback:
Record your voice through the microphone on this device. After the recording, you can preset your voice and play over and over again.

Compatible Sony products:
Compatible products added. For details, please refer to the list of devices which support Music Center.

To use this app, Bluetooth connection with your Sony's Home Audio System is required.
Depending on specification of smartphones, Motion Control cannot be used.

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