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By Shiv Baba Brahma Kumaris

Brahma Kumaris Songs - All in One App Brahma Kumaris Songs - All in One App Brahma Kumaris Songs - All in One App Brahma Kumaris Songs - All in One App Brahma Kumaris Songs - All in One App

*Listen audio (songs, murli, classes, music) while your phone is locked or even while using other apps :)
Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University presents you 'BK Divine Songs - Shiv Baba ke Geet - All in One App' (Ruhani Paalna - Spiritual Sustenance) given from OR . MUST use & SHARE to other BK brothers and sisters. Below is a detailed description of all in-App services:

1. "Ruhani Geet'' -> A well-defined playlist of more than 120 selected best of spiritual divine songs written and sung since Sakaar days 1960s)

2. ''Daily Murli & more'' -> This section has tracks. Daily Murli in English and Hindi, plus Classes, songs, Rajyoga commentary, etc. are daily uploaded new.

3. ''Playlists'' -> This section has everything else that you need. You will 'love' the Classes in Hindi & English, Awakening episodes by Bk Shivani, Sakar & Avyakt Murli original records, RajYog music, commentaries, and relaxing nature music.

4. "Video songs" -> This section has in-app YouTube playlists. Live TV, Awakening series and learn Gyan with help of documentaries and short films.

5. "Website pages" -> This section includes web pages links, giving you all information directly accessible from our MAIN website:

6. "About Us" -> this section briefly guides you to the aim and vision of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Rudra Gyaan Yagya) and murli.

7. ''Images Gallery'' -> 5 unique pictures galleries includes - Satyug, Old Photos, Shiv Baba, Nature and General . You can download (save) photos on your mobile phone.

8. 'Forum & Blog' -> Access Questions and answers on our Forum and Blogs at one place.

9. ''Online Store'' -> Access Sakar murli songs, our 7 days course in PDF, more videos, eBooks and more in this divine and free Online Store.

10. ''Connect'' -> Connect to the official accounts of Brahma Kumaris on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

11. ''Join Us - Become a BK'' -> For the first time, you can access Guidelines to read and form to submit your name in the Godly record, as a BK.

12. ''Other Apps'' -> We introduce other apps best for your Spiritual journey made by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris (Shiv Baba Service)

12. "Contact Us" -> This section has a 'Contact form' where you fill Your Name, Email, choose a subject and write Your Message and ''send'' it to us.

13. ''SHARE'' -> Most elevated service is to Share' what we got. So here you can share this app and website directly on WhatsApp, Facebook and on Twitter.

PLEASE share this app to other BK brothers and sisters that you know and share them this gift of Shiv baba.

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