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By Sanjay_Gupta

Digital Wellness assistant Digital Wellness assistant Digital Wellness assistant Digital Wellness assistant Digital Wellness assistant

Digital Wellness-Assistant:
A step towards centralized and lifelong health record-keeping and paperless treatment management.

The healing automation tool can be used to following tasks -

Managing prescriptions/treatment plans - Tracking and reminding medicine/action timings, chart indicating active/inactive days of each medicine with total doses taken and remaining, description and side effect of each medicine etc.

Planning and monitoring diets.

Tracking moods, feelings and other observations.

Managing health records - diagnosis, test reports, consultation summaries, bills and other health related documents and making them available anytime and anywhere.

Managing questions/doubts to be clarified with doctors and experts by recording or typing.

Help performing root cause analysis of diseases, failures and problems.

Creating and managing handy links to locally stored as well as online reference material for various treatments, trainnings and motivational audios/videos.

Pictorial tracking and documenting of visible changes and other useful information.

Tracking pending tasks, deadlines and progress.

Logging, comparing and tracking pathology reports and other measured parameters- plot bar-charts to visually compare parameters along with treatment milestones.

Prepare or download guidelines for yourself or patients.
Prepare checklists for various activities and track checkitems.

The app can also be used by doctors to automate treatment for their patients by defining protocol for each treatment plan and tranfering those files on handsets of patients and their attendant..
Doctors can get rid of manual writing and paper work, they can start using their computers or mobile phone for prescriptions and consultation.
Doctors will be able to keep records of each patient in their handset all the time..

These health related data can accessed from anywhere and shared with others digitally in seconds for second, third opinions and managed life long without handling of any paper based file/report.

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