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Use the app to visualize various facts of all countries in graphical form. it can be used to compare a country against a set of countries or all countries.

It also calculate data for all countries in terms of your country e.g. compute area of all countries in % of area of 'India' or population of all countries in % of population of 'Japan' etc

The current version supports following information:


>People and Society
Population growth rate
Birth rate
Death rate
Net migration rate
Maternal mortality rate
Infant mortality rate
Life expectancy at birth
Total fertility rate
Health expenditures
HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate
HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS
HIV/AIDS - deaths
Obesity - adult prevalence rate
Children under the age of 5 years underweight
Education expenditures
Unemployment, youth ages 15-24

GDP (purchasing power parity)
GDP - real growth rate
GDP - per capita (PPP)
Gross national saving
Industrial production growth rate
Labor force
Unemployment rate
Distribution of family income - Gini index
Taxes and other revenues
Budget surplus (+) or deficit (-)
Public debt
Inflation rate (consumer prices)
Central bank discount rate
Commercial bank prime lending rate
Stock of narrow money
Stock of broad money
Stock of domestic credit
Market value of publicly traded shares
Current account balance
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold
Debt - external
Stock of direct foreign investment - at home
Stock of direct foreign investment - abroad
Electricity - production
Electricity - consumption
Electricity - exports
Electricity - imports
Electricity - installed generating capacity
Electricity - from fossil fuels
Electricity - from nuclear fuels
Electricity - from hydroelectric plants
Electricity - from other renewable sources
Crude oil - production
Crude oil - exports
Crude oil - imports
Crude oil - proved reserves
Refined petroleum products - production
Refined petroleum products - consumption
Refined petroleum products - exports
Refined petroleum products - imports
Natural gas - production
Natural gas - consumption
Natural gas - exports
Natural gas - imports
Natural gas - proved reserves
Telephones - main lines in use
Telephones - mobile cellular
Internet hosts
Internet users

Merchant marine

Military expenditures of GDP

Source of information is CIA.
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