Posten Tracking makes it easy to track packages, in addition to making it easy to pick them up at Posten!

When you register with your phone number and e-mail we’ll find your packages automatically. You can also add packages manually. We’ll send you updates about the packages, and tell you when they’re ready to be picked up or delivery.

The application is build around customer feedback. If you’ve got suggestions for improvements or find errors in the application, you can contact us through the feedback function on the profile page.

In this application you can:

• Track packages
• Get notified about new packages that gets added and if they’re ready for pick up or are getting delivered to your home
• Get the pickup code and barcode for easy pickup
• See where you can pick up your packages
• Order home delivery for your packages

Posten and Bring will not sell your contact info from PostenID. We use analytics tools to optimize and improve the application ( Collapse
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