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This app works with a Clip reader to process payments from all major credit cards on your smartphone or tablet. Clip offers everything you need to run your business successfully. Your Clip conveniently attaches to your device, and accepts payments from American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Up, SiVale, Ticket, Carnet, Scotia Rewards Plus, and Recompensas Santander. Funds are deposited quickly and securely. You will receive your payments within 2 business days to any Mexican account using CLABE.

Getting Started

1. Download the Clip app.
2. Purchase a Clip Reader online at or find a retail location at Online purchases will be delivered within 72 hours, based on DHL services in your area.
3. Quickly register your new account.


• Customers can pay, add gratuity, and sign for their transactions right on your device.
• Clip will instantly send your customers receipts by email or SMS.
• Clip offers military grade security, encrypting all transactions. Clip complies with all official regulations, and has received all major certifications to ensure your financial security.
• Clip allows you to organize payments by installments, including 3, 6, 9, and 12 month plans.
• Clip offers Interest Free Monthly with 18 banks in Mexico.
• Register your account in five minutes or less. You do not need to complete any additional paperwork or RFC.

Merchant Dashboard

Clip also offers a Merchant Dashboard at where you can review your account in more detail and access easy, important tools to help your business grow.

Support and Customer Happiness

You can always contact the Clip Customer Happiness team. We want your business to run smoothly, and we will work to quickly resolve any issues or concerns.


Once you purchase a Clip Reader and register your account, you can process regular transactions at a cost of 3.6% plus commission VAT.

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