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By Nordea Bank Abp

Nordea Wallet Nordea Wallet Nordea Wallet Nordea Wallet Nordea Wallet


Nordea Wallet keeps track of your cards for you. It’s an easy way to check your balances,card payments and cash withdrawals.

Did the payment go through? The app informs you about all card purchases, including internet shopping and automatic charges. You can also view a monthly category overview of your card usage.

All transactions are immediately shown on the app to make sure you’re always up to date.

To use Nordea Wallet you need a Nordea card and an authentication method (BankID, Mobile BankID, NemID or the Codes app).


Take Google Pay into use and you no longer need your wallet to go shopping. Make small purchases just by taking your phone close to the payment terminal, as you would when making a contactless card payment. Purchases over 25 euros you verify by unlocking the phone.

Google Pay works anywhere where contactless payment is possible. Around the world.

Thanks to the new Masterpass feature, Nordea Wallet is now also a handy shortcut to paying online. In Masterpass-supporting online stores you can verify Visa and Mastercard payments with the Nordea Wallet app without typing in your details. Masterpass is available in Finland and Denmark.

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