EveryonePrint APK

By Next Print Solutions

EveryonePrint EveryonePrint EveryonePrint EveryonePrint EveryonePrint

**EveryonePrint is NOT designed for consumer home use**

For Education and Enterprise customers using EveryonePrint for their mobile and driverless printing, use this Android App, to print natively from within the applications you use on your Android device.

This App works in combination with the EveryonePrint server to have authenticated secure printing from mobile Android devices to the EveryonePrint mobile print server and the customers print accounting/print management infrastructure.

Print by selecting "Share", "Open in..", "Complete Action Using" or similar depending on the application. Depending on the EveryonePrint server configuration, you may be prompted for a username and password, and have the option to choose your destination printer.

Higher Education institutions can let their students print authenticated with full accountability, from their Android device over the WiFi network to their printing infrastructure, which could include integration to a print accounting solution.

Corporate organizations, from small businesses to large multi-national enterprises, can let their employees and guests print securely from their Android devices with full integration to the corporate printing infrastructure and print management systems.

The EveryonePrint software solution is installed in minutes on a Windows server on-premise, and is compatible with virtually any network connected printer and print management/accounting system.

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