WikiReader - Read articles aloud! APK

By NevrGivApp

WikiReader - Read articles aloud! WikiReader - Read articles aloud!

WikiReader is a simple application that allows you to listen to articles on Wikipedia, avoiding distraction while you dedicate yourself to other activities.

The app makes free use of the Wikipedia API and, through the speech synthesis engine installed on your phone, reproduces the text of the article you searched for.

WikiReader also allows you to pause listening and resume it from the last sentence, so as not to get lost while reading. There is also a button to jump between the various sections of the article.

You can choose the site in your own language, if it exists. The language of the speech synthesis engine depends on your Android settings. Be sure to select the same language for both the site and the TTS engine.

WikiReader is a simple container for Wikipedia, the contents of the pages viewed are therefore not our property.

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