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Nedbank Private Wealth App Nedbank Private Wealth App Nedbank Private Wealth App Nedbank Private Wealth App Nedbank Private Wealth App

Meet the new digital face of Nedbank Private Wealth. Our clients now have access to a distinctive, easy-to-use app for keeping track of personal wealth, banking transactions and investments – a single, integrated app. Using the app, our clients can go beyond banking, with an interface for viewing their wealth. Now in early release for Nedbank Private Wealth Limited (International) accountholders with more features coming later this year.

App Features

Please note that some features will differ for Nedbank Private Wealth South African and Nedbank Private Wealth Limited (International) accountholders.

· Secure and easy log in using a fingerprint or FaceID

· A consolidated dashboard which shows a 360° view of your wealth with Nedbank Private Wealth.

· Quick and easy access to your accounts wherever you are.

· Instant access to all your transaction options for quick and easy transactions*.

· Enjoy the convenience of trading shares on your phone *.

· Get help instantly with in-app messaging.*

*Please note this functionality is not available for Nedbank Private Wealth Limited (International) accountholders during the early access period.

We have ensured that the technology used in the app adheres to the highest levels of security, to protect our clients’ personal information and their wealth providing complete peace of mind. With a secure sign-in every time they use the app and additional security verification steps when transacting, clients can be sure that:

• their personal and wealth information is kept confidential; and
• that no-one else will be able to transact on their profile if they misplace their phone.

For more information regarding our app please visit our website

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