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Mushroom / Fungi Engine Mushroom / Fungi Engine Mushroom / Fungi Engine Mushroom / Fungi Engine Mushroom / Fungi Engine

Mushroom identification - fast and easy!

||>>> free + 163 mushrooms + filter search + name search <<<||

Fungi Engine, the modern way of Mushroom identification…

With this app, mushroom hunters and fungi friends hold a helper in their hand, which can extremely simplify the recognition of the fungal flora. With 163 mushrooms in the database, the most common fungi in Europe and North America are covered and can be identified in forest and meadow.

Species = boletes
Cap color = red
Smell = fruity
-> immediately all mushrooms are displayed that meet these values.
(This is just the beginning, because there are a lot more filter options)

The app is very easy to learn and can be used as a supplement to your mushroom books. It saves you the painful searching in unhandy books and offers many ways to identify a fungus. This entry-level version is designed for fast initial identification. Give it a try - you will see how easy it is!

# # # Features # # #

- Free
- 163 mushroom photos
- Many filters for the shape, color and other fungal properties
- Scientific names
- Name search
- Color coding for edibility
- Offline usable

# # # Versions # # #

BASIC {English & German}:
163 fungi without detailed description
[Free of charge]

PRO {only German}:
1077 fungi without detailed description
[0.50 EUR -]

ULTRA {only German}:
1100 fungi with detailed description and over 1,3GB of high-resolution photos
[3.79 EUR -]

>>> the German app is called 'Pilzsuche'

# # # Author # # #

Wolfgang Bachmeier is a certified mushroom expert of the German Association of Mycology. As fungi-book author and mushroom tutor for many years he passes his store of knowledge. In the German ULTRA version of this app, you will find many practical tips and hints for mushroom hunters.

# # # Contact to the development team # # #

The English app is still in an early stage of development. If you have suggestions or problems please contanct us before submitting a negative feedback:
[email protected]

We wish you much fun and success for your next mushroom identification.
Your Mykomedia team

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