See in AR APK

By Ken Kawamoto

See in AR See in AR See in AR See in AR

Given a piece of text like "height: 2.4m width: 1m depth: 0.2m", this app will let you quickly visualize the size and speed of objects in AR.

(1) In any app (e.g., web browsers), highlight a piece of text containing the description of the size

(2) Click on "Share", and select "See in AR"

(3) See what the size looks like in your room!

Great for seeing what any object will feel like in your room before buying them online.

Also supports showing other quantities like:
- speed (try "12km/h")
- radius (try "diameter 4m")
- wind speed (try "wind speed 10 knots")
- volume (try "5 litres")
- money (try "$120 million")

Device needs ARCore support:

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