Cyber Katapa (old name Filternet) APK

By Filternet Foundation

Cyber Katapa (old name Filternet) Cyber Katapa (old name Filternet) Cyber Katapa (old name Filternet)

You have located a high-quality porn blocker, ad blocker and a playtime control.


⭐️ Manage how much time kids play games through screen time control
Give access for 1 hour or setup a daily schedule

⭐️ Prevent kids exposure to adult content before maturity
- Filter YouTube adult videos
- Filter Google search results
- Block adult websites

⭐️ Block unsafe apps for kids.
Some browsers circumvent content filter. If your child downloads such browsers, Filternet will block them from running.
Note: This needs the Accessibility permission

⭐️ App delete or removal is protected through password. Only parents can remove.
Note: This needs the Device Administrator permission

⭐️ Stay focused, avoid distraction from social media apps during office time, study time or sleep hours

⭐️ Block dirty ads too.

MilJul (old name Filternet) parental control is best parental control app, try now !

1) This trial protects from inappropriate content for 7 days. After the trial, you may refer to friends and get free licenses or buy license

2) App is device administrator enabled. To uninstall, first disable device administrator
a) Log in to app, go to "Avoid app delete"
c) Deselect "Kids can not delete app"
d) Now you can uninstall MilJul

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