Watermark: add text to picture APK

By Evansir

Add watermark to photo helps to protect it against unauthorized use on websites and by other users. Beautifully added text will serve as an additional decoration of your image. Share your photos with the profile ID or add funny text that will enhance the photo. Add text to photos and make your memories more vivid!

Watermark: add text to pictures able to:
1) add an unlimited amount of text to image or photo.
2) Customize the text font. We collected the best fonts for you!
3) Set the color of the future text.
4) Add text to photos with multiple fonts.
5) To adjust the text size.
6) Set up the transparency of the text.
7) Add text on photos in color and different fonts.

This is add text to pictures free app, so you do not need to pay for font text to add on picture.

The simple interface and the ability to load the latest result, allow you to quickly and easily add watermark to image or photo.

If you have any suggestions or feedback to improve the watermark: add text to pictures, submit them using the form of communication with the developer. Collapse
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