iNELS Home Control (iHC) makes it easy to completely control iNELS RF Control wireless electrical installations using a smartphone or tablet.

The application communicates with a RF/IR smart box (eLAN-RF-003 or eLAN-RF-003-Wi), which further links to the iNELS RF Control sub-elements, audio / video devices, video door-phones, cameras and weather stations. The RF smart box allows you to control up to 40 components.

The application brings you these options:
- Enhance security requirements in the form of authorization when opening an application
- Distribution of user roles
- Administrator (admin) - can set and control individual components, time schedules, scenes
- User - can control individual components and their created scenes
- Application Wizard for easier setup of the entire system
- Graphic interface with graphical switching between black and white
- Switching appliances (e.g. fan, garage door, blinds, lighting, etc.)
- Dim lighting (all light sources can be dimmed from a conventional bulb to dimmable LEDs)
- Control and regulation of hot-water or electric heating
- Combining multiple unit controls at once, scenes
- Assign cameras (iNELS Cam, Axis, or "mjpeg" and RTSP format cameras)
- Integrated weather forecast
- Intercom and 2N video door phone function
- Adding an eLAN-IR unit for controlling air conditioners, TVs and other appliances
- Widget settings
- and more…

Detailed iHC-MAIRF manual can be downloaded here:
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