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By Direct Line Insurance Group plc

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Rescue Me

The Rescue Me service can make breaking down a little less stressful.

Green Flag customers can use the breakdown app to request a rescue, and it will:

• Pinpoint your location through GPS technology, so you don’t have to explain where you’ve broken down.
• Track your technician when they are twenty minutes away.

So all you need is a smart phone, and we’ll get you back on the road.

Alert Me

If you break down, we’ll always be around to help.

For an extra fee of £35 per year (including insurance premium tax), our Green Flag customers can use the Green Flag Alert Me service. By monitoring your car’s battery and engine management system, you can check your app to stay clued up on:

• Your car battery’s health
• What’s wrong with your car when a warning light comes on

We’ll send you a little matchbox-sized device that easily plugs into your car and constantly monitors your engine data. Any faulty information is sent straight to us over the mobile network.

And if we detect anything wrong, we’ll send an alert to your mobile letting you know what action to take.

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