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MyBrainTraining - Brain Games MyBrainTraining - Brain Games MyBrainTraining - Brain Games MyBrainTraining - Brain Games MyBrainTraining - Brain Games

Train your brain with our cognitive brain training and improve the quality of your life!

Train your brain regular in a playful way and you will see your basic brain capabilities like memory or reasoning power improving over time!

Train your brain and keep it sharp mentally with 30 scientific proven brain exercises!

Exactly like maintaining your physical strength by exercising, your brain will also stay younger and sharper when trained regularly!

Your brain is one-of-a-kind. Therefore MyBrainTraining is adapting continuously to your brain´s capabilities and to your personal goals.

MyBrainTraining includes 30 exercises for brain activation which were executed during the development of our successful "Train your Brain with Dr. Kawashima" program cooperating with the Industry University Research Project with Professor Dr. Kawashima. Dr. Kawashima is a highly respected ane well-known Japanese neuroscientist who has appeared in popular and reputable brain training products before.

The "Daily Test" consists of exercises from each of four training categories (calculation, logic, memory and vision) and allows you to measure your "Brain Fitness". Take the “Daily Test” regularly and you will see your “Brain Fitness” improve over time. MyBrainTraining will – if played regularly – stimulate your brain and strengthen its basic capabilities, e.g. your memory or reasoning power.

This is no subscription model. There is no automatic prolongation , thus no further cost or commitment for you!

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