[ROOT] Night Light Donate (KCAL) APK

By Avinaba Dalal

[ROOT] Night Light Donate (KCAL) [ROOT] Night Light Donate (KCAL) [ROOT] Night Light Donate (KCAL) [ROOT] Night Light Donate (KCAL) [ROOT] Night Light Donate (KCAL)

This is the donate version of Night Light.
The generic version can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.corphish.nightlight.generic

Important Note - The donate variant will be unpublished soon from the play store, and only next few updates will be pushed for this version to make sure the message is conveyed to every active user of this variant. The reason for this is that the donate variant contains too little changes to be really called a 'variant', and the existence of this variant seems to be misleading for quite a few people. While the exact number of updates that will be served further is still undecided, please consider switching to generic version to make sure you receive further updates. As it has been said, this variant has no extra features than the generic variant, so it shouldn't be inappropriate for existing users to switch to generic version (if it is inappropriate, please let me know). I am really thankful to those who have shown support to this project by getting this variant previously, and will be forever grateful to them.

Note - Donate version does not contain any extra features when compared to the generic version. But if you choose to get this version, you show support to this open source project and motivate me to continue working on it. It is absolutely fine to choose not to donate and keep on using the generic version. The donate version does not have any license verification either, as it does not make any sense to include that. But by getting donate version, and then refunding, kinda hurts mentally, so that is why I wished to make this as much clear as I possibly can.

Source - https://github.com/corphish/NightLight

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