Floating Calculator (Lite) APK

By AshK

Floating Calculator (Lite) Floating Calculator (Lite) Floating Calculator (Lite) Floating Calculator (Lite) Floating Calculator (Lite)

Tiny calculator that opens as a small window floating over other apps!
Perform calculations instantly while browsing the web, reading books, watching movies, playing games or while attending a call!

• Standard and Scientific mode. (Swipe left/right to switch views)
• Calculate complete expressions. For e.g.: 3+5*6+(123-46)/4+sin(90)*log(100)
• Open multiple calculator windows. [PRO version]
• You can minimize, maximize, close, move and resize any window just like in PC or MAC.
• Pinch to resize windows [PRO version] or drag the bottom right corner to resize.
• Minimize the app to floating bubbles and double tap to restore the window.
• Maximize the app by double tapping the title bar to use it just like any other app.
• Adjust window transparency so that they don't hide the content below. [PRO version]
• Start work from where you left - saves expression as you type.
• Degree and Radian mode for trigonometric functions.
• Results History (Stores expressions and answers. Tap on any answer to use it in expression) [PRO version]
• Copy expression and result to clipboard.
• Paste expression and results from clipboard.
• Share results with other apps. [PRO version]

For queries, suggestions or to report bugs please drop a mail at [email protected]

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