Media Editor Resize,Speed,Text,Crop,Blur,Cut,Music APK 1.2-Lite

By Arsal Nazir

This editor can be used to compress & merge different videos along with options to apply multiple filters like trim ,flip ,crop ,rotate ,enhance colors, resize, add text, add music, add stickers or images, change background, change playback speed, mute video, flip, extract video thumbnails and transcode videos to mp4 codecs along with the option to view media information and extract audio from video.

You can also share your videos and images with your friends directly through the app.

How to apply filter?

✔ Select Edit Video or Edit Image from main screen
✔ Choose your action to take the the video/image or select from gallery
✔ Apply filters to selected media,Like Crop area ,Change aspect ratio, select the interval to Trim , Rotate video, Specify output dimensions, Specify Blur area, Mute video, Add Text or Music to video or Change Playback speed
✔Use the gear icon on top right to set output video settings(specify output size ,processing speed and video quality)
✔ Click on Save
✔ Preview and share media

How to view media information

✔In media selection list screen, long press the media and select the Media Information option from the menu.

How to extract audio

✔In video selection list screen, long press the video and select the Extract Audio
option from the menu.

You can use 'MY GALLERY' screen to view processed videos and images
All generated Thumbnails can be found in internal storage directory


Can all filters be applied at once?

All filters can be applied in any combinations except Blur & Crop, Blur & Enhance, Rotate & Change Background filters can not be applied at once.

How to open processed video/image using specific application

Open the My Gallery in main screen and from here when you click the file then you will shown list of apps that can open this file.

Which video formats are supported by this app

Mainly mp4 but if you use video in any other format then it will transcoded to mp4

How change speed filter effect output size

Try to use times the speed change factor, e.g., If you want 5MB size with 2x seed then specify 10 instead of 5

What are restriction on output video dimension size

Sizes are encoder specific, Like for mp4 encoded you can specify any size dividable by 2, for 3gp width/heigh must be multiple of 4

Does this app change video framerate

If you are using speed filter then frame rate is changed to remove duplicate frames(in fast motion) or add frames(in slow motion)

What to do with low quality output

Try to use slow processing speed from settings screen Collapse
April 23, 2019, 8:00 am
Android 4.4+

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