Soundcore APK

By Anker

Soundcore Soundcore Soundcore Soundcore Soundcore

Works with: Soundcore Flare, Flare+, Model Zero, and Model Zero+

The Soundcore app DOES NOT support: Soundcore mini series,
Spirit series, Liberty Series; Motion Q, Motion B, Infini, Space NC,
Vortex, Arc, Boost, Pro+, 2, Sport, Nano,
and any Soundcore products not listed under "works with" list

- Many light effect settings to adjust your environment
- Equalizer settings to tune audio
- Able to update your device
- Able to rename your device
- Add a second speaker for Boost or Stereo Mode

Model Zero
- Able to customize certain button functions
- Able to customize Standby time
- User Manual available in the app
- Ability to tune the Equalizer to enhance your audio experience
- Able to update your device

Model Zero+
-Media Intelligence
-User Manual available in the app

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