حكم و اقوال ( بدون نت ) APK

By Al-mashreq Apps

Very beautiful application ... includes a large collection of desired images ... in which it is possible to express our feelings through which in our daily lives ...
* This application has a set of important features, which can help you as a user as follows below:

1.The simple app lets you save your desired photos to your mobile device.
2. Also, there is also the feature of sharing is the most important, I believe, where the application allows you to share photos on social networking programs and share with others ...
3.As for the last feature which is the most important for the user where this application enables you to navigate between the images by touching on the image that was displayed with ease, this feature facilitates the user to navigate between the images instead of returning to the home page.

I hope that you like this application, we will always stay informed to update images every short period, to please users and their admiration in the application...
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