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1 Rupee Clinic : Healthcare in your Budget 1 Rupee Clinic : Healthcare in your Budget 1 Rupee Clinic : Healthcare in your Budget 1 Rupee Clinic : Healthcare in your Budget 1 Rupee Clinic : Healthcare in your Budget

To ensure Health for All! Do you too neglect or postpone health checkups due to the lack of time? Or does the overly expensive quality healthcare leave you with no choice but to suffer? With a fast paced life, consistently moving ahead is a necessity. But, at what cost does this happen? We bring health to you, on the go.

You don’t need to take the much detested detours any more. Diseases and potential health risks won’t go unnoticed or unattended to, due to high expenses either. In a country, where 35% of the deaths are caused due to non - communicable and lifestyle related diseases, this visionary approach for providing health checkups and medical facilities at railway stations, in collaboration with the Govt. of India and Railway Ministry, is indeed a leap towards a healthier India.

Our team of enthusiastic doctors working for the noble cause are well trained and qualified MBBS/ BAMS specialists providing the best care. Committed to providing high quality preventive, promotive and curative health services, all we are is a few steps away from you. You get personal attention specific to your healthcare needs and truly, there can’t be anything better at the negligible cost.

In association with the central railways, the concept is being introduced at major local railway stations in Mumbai. Qualified MBBS doctors provide consultation at a negligible charge of Rupee 1. Not only will it become a perfect utilization of time as far as health checkups are concerned, even the common man with dearth of money can take advantage of the facility. Quality healthcare in India is an expensive affair and not available to all. With this initiative, Magicdil strives to reduce the gap and provide quality healthcare to all. With doctors available 24/7, there need not be any more excuses. Accessibility and affordability of quality healthcare services and medicines to a large chunk of our population are major problems faced by the healthcare system in India.

Improved low cost diagnostics and a way to make the human resources required for the same accessible to large sections of our population is the aim of Magicdil.

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