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A must for golfers enjoying golf! Distance Measurement - Golfyardage Application

Is not it enough just to see?
Is not it enough just to listen?

With your smartphone, you can enjoy all the functions of "YardageBook + Voice Distance Meter" at once!

We have developed a 'Golfyardage' application to make it easier and more precise to use in golf rounding through your eyes, ears and fingertips as well as golf distance measurement function with one's own smartphone.

Now smile at your golf rounds smartly!

★ Golf - "Golfyardage" Application Key Features

1. Depending on your position, you can automatically turn the hole
Go to the hole manual change!
The hole automatically turns to find your position automatically when you enter the hole!

2. Score card automatic quick-fill function
Go write your troublesome score!
The ability to fill your golf round score smartly with just a button!

3. Distance + remaining distance voice guidance function
Go to the street to check the value of each!
A voice distance information function that allows you to check all distance values ​​with your ears!
=> Things are more convenient with smart NFC goods suitable!

4. Detailed information for each hole (green, high altitude difference)
Go to a common golf distance meter that only tells you the distance value!
Detailed guide function of topography and green outline from tee box to green!

5. Pin position text selection (center, front, rear pin)
Go to the inaccurate information display!
Pin position can be selected according to the golf course situation.

6. Remaining distance guide of global type overseas golf course
Ability to guide golf course courses from anywhere in the world

8. Roundhole memo function
As the pro's round, they can review and review the memo notes as if they were notes on the digital book. Remove health information U.I on top
Show alert popup when disable GPS
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